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Serghej P Karpov (2000)

La navigazione veneziana nel mar Nero XIII-XV sec.

Edizioni del Girasole Ravenna. (ISBN: 88-7567-359-4).

Detailed study of different aspects of Venetian navigation in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea: Besides considerations on the types of ships and the general conditions of sea transports, the author elaborates on the galleys and convoys of galleys organised by the state authorities. He closes with a chapter on the role private ships in the Venetian Black Sea trade.

Slaves normally did not count among the goods transported on the galleys of the “mudae”; the Senate had decided “that, on the galleys scheduled to Romania, above all … light and valuable goods should be transported” such as silk, gold, dyestuffs, wax, etc. (p. 155). As slaves were considered “merce grosse”, they could only be accepted on board of the galleys in case the cargo had to be completed. With the decreasing accrual of the “merci sottili” from the 1360s on, this happened more frequently (p. 156), but it was restricted by regulations of the Senate.

While private ships could carry larger human cargos, the transport on galleys seemed preferable because their higher speed allowed to reduce the mortality of the slaves on board and the cost for their subsistence (p. 157).

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