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Islam and Trade in the Bilād Al-Sūdān, Tenth-Eleventh Century A.D. 2010-09-03
Ifriqiya as a Market for Saharan Trade from the Tenth to the Twelfth Century A.D. 2010-09-03
Minorías en la España medieval (I): esclavos, mudéjares y moriscos 2010-05-03
Conscripting the breast: lactation, slavery and salvation in the realms of Aragon and kingdom of Majorca, c. 1250–1300 2009-04-27
Tartars in Spain: renaissance slavery in the Catalan city of Manresa, c.1408 2009-03-23
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bibliobits 2008-04-22
Bibliography List
Relevant Publications 2010-09-06
Book Reference
Implements of Labor, Instruments of Honor: Muslim, Eastern and Black African Slaves in Fifteenth-Century Valencia 2010-08-12
L’Esclavage dans l’Europe médiévale, tome 2: Italie – Colonies italiennes du Levant – Levant latin – Empire byzantin 2008-09-19
Slavery and Social Death: A Comparative Study 2008-04-16
Russia and the Mongol Yoke: The History of the Russian Principalities and the Golden Horde, 1221–1502 2008-01-25
Ransoming Captives in Crusader Spain: The Order of Merced on the Christian-Islamic Frontier 2007-06-06
Schiavitù e servaggio nell'economia europea secc. XI-XVIII 2013-02-22
Transcultural Perspectives on Late Medieval and Early Modern Slavery in the Mediterranean 2012-01-02
Esclavage, histoire et héritage - Regards croisés de la Méditerranée à l'Atlantique 2011-05-03
L’esclavage aux époques médiévale et moderne. Histoire et implications actuelles 2010-12-28
Etre esclave : dynamiques sociales, identité, acculturation (Méditerranée et premier Atlantique, XIVe - XVIIe siècles) 2010-12-26
1408 March 18, Pisa 2013-09-18
R. Amitai, “Military Slavery in the Islamic World” 2010-09-07
C. Cluse, Femmes en esclavage : quelques remarques sur l’Italie du Nord (XIVe–XVe siècles) 2008-12-01
C. Cluse, “Sklaverei im Mittelalter – der Mittelmeerraum” 2008-04-24
1414 [= 1413] May 23, Pisa 2008-02-13
Slavery and the Slave Trade in the Eastern Mediterranean 2009-11-05
Dr. Christoph Cluse 2008-04-16
Selected documents from Genoese archives 2007-09-20
Selected documents by the Pisan notary Giuliano di Collino 2007-09-18
Documents from Palermo 2007-09-18
photo of the conference (3) 2009-11-05
photo of the conference (2) 2009-11-05
photo of the conference (1) 2009-11-05
Incollection Reference
Genealogische Entfremdung: Zur Sklaverei in städtischen Gesellschaften Italiens (13.-15. Jh.) 2010-09-06
Zur Repräsentation von Sklaven und Sklavinnen in Statuten und Notariatsinstrumenten italienischer Städte um 1400 2010-09-06
Trayectorias sociales de los libertos musulmanes y negroafricanos en la Barcelona tardomedieval 2010-04-20
Los redentores valencianos de cautivos sarracenos durante el siglo XV 2010-04-20
Los negros libertos en las sociedades andaluzas entre los siglos XV al XVI 2010-04-20
The Nehemia Levtzion Center for Islamic Studies 2010-03-23
Centre international de recherche sur les esclavages 2007-08-31
L’esclavage en noir et blanc 2007-03-10
Phdthesis Reference
Die Stellung des Negers in der islamisch-arabischen Gesellschaft bis zum XVI. Jahrhundert 2007-02-12
Unpublished Reference
L’assimilazione religiosa al cattolicesimo degli africani neri in Italia, 1450–1550 2008-05-21
Francescani, minori, infami: i percorsi contraddittori dell’emancipazione 2008-05-21
Lo schiavo negro: il fascino dell’esotico nella cultura figurativa tra Cinque e Seicento 2008-05-21
Chiesa e Schiavitù in età moderna 2008-05-21
Il diritto musulmano e la schiavitù 2008-05-21
Webpublished Reference
Bibliographie choisie sur l’esclavage 2006-11-02
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